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Top 3 Signs Your Insurance Claim is in Jeopardy

You've called the insurance company, filled out the insurance forms, and met with the insurance adjuster, so you should be expecting an insurance check any day now, right? Not so fast – your insurance claim could be at risk of being denied or underfunded. Below are three signs that your insurance claim is in jeopardy:

  • You relied on your memory. While we'd all like to think our memories are sharp, it's nearly impossible to remember everything. For example, when a house burns completely to the ground, would you be able to remember every single detail of its contents? Detailed home inventories, photos, and videos are necessary in detailing most destructive losses.
  • You relied on your insurance company's adjuster. If you relied on your insurance company's adjuster to fill in the blanks, you likely have losses that are not being accounted for. After all, there's no way your insurance adjuster can possibly know what you had. On top of that, it's not your adjuster's responsibility to claim your losses; it's yours.
  • You played a passive role. Playing a passive role in the insurance claims process could lead to under-compensation. It's up to you to ask how estimates where calculated and dispute estimates that you believe are too low; it's up to you to point out damage that the adjuster overlooked or insist that the adjuster inspect the property in greater detail.

Don't rely on your memory or the insurance company adjuster and take a proactive role throughout the insurance claims process. If your Corpus Christi insurance claim is in jeopardy, one of the most proactive moves you can make is to retain the services of a public adjuster. Contact us today for a free insurance claim review.