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How does a public adjuster increase an insurance company's settlement check?

Through hard, diligent work. Some of the ways that public adjusters increase settlements included finding additional losses that have been missed and double-checking the insurance company's estimates against current, local building costs in Corpus Christi.

When should I call a public adjuster?

We recommend that you call a public adjuster as early in the claims process as possible. However, a public adjuster can step in at any point. If you've already filed your claim or received a claim denial, you can still benefit from a public adjuster's expert help.

What if a public adjuster fails to settle my claim?

As specified by Texas insurance laws, public adjusters do not get paid if they cannot settle an insurance claim.

Why can't I file a claim on my own?

You can file a claim on your own and handle all of the requirements without a public adjuster's help. In fact, many policyholders do so routinely. However, if your claim involves extensive damage, you may want the expertise of an insurance professional to ensure that all damage is discovered and claimed.

What are the advantages of using a public adjuster over doing it myself?

Public adjusters handle everything, including insurance paperwork, loss documentation, loss estimates, and even dispute resolution. If you have other responsibilities preventing you from doing as thorough a job as your claim deserves, a public adjuster allows you to do what you do best while the adjuster takes care of the claim.