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Benefits of Corpus Christi Public Adjusters

Wondering why you should retain a Corpus Christi public adjuster when your insurance company will be providing one of its own? This is a common question that comes down to the difference between these two types of insurance adjusters.

  • An insurance company's adjuster is responsible for verifying that what you've claimed to have lost has been sufficiently proven and then estimating the value of those losses. This adjuster reports to the insurance company.
  • The public adjuster also estimates insurance losses, but goes further by helping you find ALL of your losses, documenting them, and disputing low estimates. Working for you, the public adjuster is dedicated to maximizing your insurance claim so that you receive full compensation for your losses under your policy's terms.

In addition to maximizing insurance losses, Corpus Christi public adjusters also offer other benefits including:

  • Stress relief – Knowing that an insurance professional has taken over your insurance claim eases the stress involved with filling out paperwork or worrying about claim denials.
  • Confidence – Because public adjusters use current, Corpus Christi construction costs when estimating structural damage, you can be confident that your settlement will be sufficient for rebuilding in the area.
  • A lighter load – Your public adjuster handles all aspects of the claim, lightening your load dramatically so you can concentrate on recovering.
  • No upfront charges – Did you know that public adjusters in Corpus Christi do not charge upfront fees? Regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance, public adjusters are paid out of the final insurance settlement – and only if a settlement is reached.

Your insurance claim needs professional help – contact Corpus Christi public adjusters for a free claim review today.